Cats For Adoption

  • Alex


    Male Domestic Short Hair, 13 years 8 months

    Hey there, my name is Alex. They tell me I’m about 13 years young, I certainly don’t look or feel like that though! I’m an independent little fellow with a placid nature...

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  • Hennie


    Abyssinian x, 4 years 5 months

    Hennie is a stunning girl. She can be a bit aloof and it does take some time to warm up to new people. All Hennie needs is for you to be patient and allow her time to earn your trust...

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  • Oscar


    Male Domestic Medium Hair, 9/01/2009

    We rehomed Oscar years ago and when his person went overseas he came back to us. He doesn’t understand what happened and he’s not a guy that flits from person to person lightly. He takes a while but then he loves you so much...

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  • Jezebel


    Female Domestic Short Hair, 2 years 4 months

    A beautiful, confident girl who would love to have a canine brother or sister (maybe) with a human or two to looooove. Jez has no fear of her foster doggy sibling Buster and they are quite happy...

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  • Samantha


    Female Domestic Medium Hair, 9 years 2 month

    Sam is a gentle soul who is looking for a loving home with a quiet and nurturing environment. She enjoys chin rubs and a good head massage...

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  • Desdemona


    Female Domestic Medium Hair, 1 year 8 months

    Desdemona has the most beautiful nature. She is sweet, gentle and affectionate but not overbearing. This happy and friendly girl just loves to be in the company of her people ...

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  • Izzy


    Female Domestic Medium Hair, 6 years 4 months

    Sweet Izzy is a delicate soul. This beautiful cat can be very shy and is looking for a calm and loving home where she can chill out and feel safe and protected from the world...

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  • Gus is not available - he is trialling his new home

    Gus is not available - he is trialling his new home

    Male Domestic Short Hair, 20th October 2015

    Gus is as cute as a button and full of personality. This cheeky little boy will have you hooked as soon as you meet him...

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  • Grace is not available - she is trialling her new home

    Grace is not available - she is trialling her new home

    Female Domestic Short Hair, May 2014

    Grace has a beautiful heart, gorgeous soft fur and the loudest of purrs. She welcomes you home by rubbing against your leg and meowing gently...

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  • Dominique


    Female Domestic Short Hair, 11 months

    Dominique loves playing with golf balls. Her carer thinks there are about ten around her apartment. She's full of energy and a very happy cat...

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Check out our gallery with rescue cats of all sizes and backgrounds. They all have two things in common: each was abandoned in one way or other, and each of them is longing for a forever home, a home where they are loved, feel safe and yes -  are spoiled. Can you give that to one of these gorgeous guys?